Smart Windows
Implementation of answer or hang up the phone , smart sleep , wake the screen and other novel features. Please scan the QR code , or enter the URL to download free software .



First, to obtain smoother surfing experience, please click “control” in phone settings , - to increase touch sensitivity ;


Second, in order to prevent interference from 360 and other mobile security software to Smart Windows, Please set up Smart Windows as a trusted window , allowing self-starting , and processing to whitelist ;


Example of 360 Security Guard( other security software settings , refer to this method of operation )


1,360 security guards main interface - Mobile Cleanup - Memory optimization , click to remove the hook behind the smart sleep options ;


2,360 security guards main interface - Phone Cleanup -Automatic starting software , please set the Smart Window to " allow" , and locked ;


3,360 security guards main interface - Security Tools - Privacy Behavior Monitoring - All software - Smart windows , set up to "trust" ;


4,360 security guards main interface - Settings - Caller Information Display - Caller show, click off this function.


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